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Student Conduct & Office Standards

The dental office is a busy place where close quarter personal contact with other employees, dentists, and patients is a common element. You must be accountable for everything that you do and say in your role as a dental assistant.This same situation applies during our dental assistant training program.You are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards while in the training course and in your future as a dental assistant. Cheating on any exam, disrupting the class in an inappropriate way, or damaging dental equipment, is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.Dental assistants should be honest, compassionate and concerned for the welfare of the patient, and we require the same of you in our school.Remember – this is about you starting a new, rewarding career in the dental field, and helping patients get really nice smiles! 

Graduation Requirements

The grading scale will be the standard A-F scale. You must pass all tests and complete all laboratory work with an overall satisfactory grade (70% or higher) in order to graduate.

If a student scores less than 70% on any test then a retest will be required. The original test score will be replaced by the retest.

A student will be given the opportunity to retest once, at a time and date during the week which will be determined by the school.

A copy of your school transcript will be provided to you on the day of graduation.

As a student you are expected to attend all 13 sessions of the class in order to be successful with this curriculum.  If you miss more than two sessions, it is grounds for dismissal from the school. Some exceptions will be made with valid proof of absence. Validity will be determined by school and a notice of absence is preferred before scheduled class time you will be missing. 

Refund Policy

Students who apply for the program but are unable or choose not to complete it may be entitled to a refund. If a student decides within 3 days of signing the contract not to attend the program, all money (except the application fee) will be refunded. Refunds are determined based on the proration of the total tuition based on the percentage of program completed at withdrawal, up until 50% of the program after which there are no refunds.

The withdrawal date will be the date that the director or instructor was notified of the student’s desire to withdraw, or in the case of unsatisfactory academic performance, the date the student’s dismissal letter is mailed. In the case of absences the date of the second absence will be the withdrawal date.

In the event that Modern Dental Career Center makes changes to the program, the location or the time such that one or more students are unable to complete the program, those students will be entitled to a refund in accordance with the policy above. Refunds are issued by mail to the address on the student’s application within 30 days of the date of the request.

The training textbook must be returned to the school prior to the refund, or a $120 fee will be deducted from the refund. If it is lost or damaged, suitable replacements can be found on Amazon.Com. Textbook must be in good to excellent condition, and must be Modern Dental Assisting, Elsevier 12th edition.

School Requirements

1. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma, GED or its equivalence. Applicants who wish to apply that are seniors in high school must have a GPA that will allow them to graduate at the end of the final semester are also eligible to apply.

Applicants who are approved must supply proof of immunization against Hepatitis B or sign a form declining immunization. This immunization is available from your doctor or the local health department and is usually required for employment in a dental office.

2. Applicant must fill out an application and submit a $50 fee to be processed. You will need to supply some basic biographical information, recent employment history, and references.

3. Applicants will be interviewed, and will be required to complete a pre-test at the interview session. The purpose of the interview is to evaluate applicants interest and attitude and to review application information such as academics, work experiences and career goals.

4. Applicants must have access to an internet connection as well as a computer, tablet or internet capable cellphone to complete online training module assignments during the week.

Course Academic and Attendance Requirements

As a student you are expected to attend all 13 sessions of the class in order to be successful with this curriculum. If you miss more than two sessions, it is grounds for dismissal from the school. Some exceptions will be made with valid proof of absence. Validity will be determined by the school and a notice of absence is preferred before scheduled class time you will be missing.

During the week, you will need to spend time using the learning resource system to complete homework assignments and quizzes. This is described fully in the chapter ‘Your Learning Resource System’.

You will also be required to perform internship/externship training in local dental offices for at least 36 hours to complete the course in the last 3 weeks during the normal Monday through Friday work week. This is a most valuable source of training as it gives you the additional experience you need to merge to employment in a dental office.