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Why 13 Weeks?


The answer is best summed up with the following points:

  1. We have been training new dental assistants in our own offices for many years. Most come from very formal, or other short term schools like ours, and we find that many do not possess the expertise to be efficient in the practice from the first day, and must spend many days working alongside experienced assistants for further ‘On the job training, which can include learning advanced, or ‘expanded duties’ types of experience.
  2. When we originally designed our curriculum, this was our primary concern, to specifically address these critically needed skills, at first we started with 10 weeks, but due to the additional material we wanted to have our students become experienced with, we settled on 13.
  3. During the course, you will be able to train in our fully equipped dental lab, which will greatly enhance your operational experience level.


Will I learn Everything I need to know?

Yes and No! It can take years to learn everything and even then we still learn new things every single day! What we do, is give you the keys to get the car started, and get you off and running. Learning how to perform at your highest skill level in the Dental Office!This school is designed specifically to give you the ‘Modern and Current’ basic skills necessary to get started in your new career.You will graduate with a Certifications in Radiology and CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation), (Both of which are necessary in  dental assistant hires), along with all of the ‘Basics’ and beyond of learning to be a productive member of a dental staff.  Where we excel is that we eliminate a lot of ‘fluff’. We go into extreme detail which other courses don’t usually offer and try to focus on the most important facets of dental assisting – as it is done with today’s technology and advanced procedures.There are a lot of ‘old school’ dental procedures that are no longer used, technology advances so far beyond what was around 10 years ago – (remember smart phones came out JUST 10 years ago).  Now, if you needed a new phone, would you buy a flip phone?  Probably not.  So why go through training on things that should no longer be taught?Your instructors have years of experience helping to train and assist new dental assistants ‘OJT training’ and they have seen it all with new hires. It is the very reason why this school exists. To focus on what is MOST important, to get your foot in the door and get that first ‘working interview’. The most modern skills that you will need to succeed! 


Uniform Requirements

Since most of the weekend training is conducted in an actual dental office, ‘scrubs’ are required. They are relatively inexpensive and can be acquired locally, or online. For example, Walmart has an incredible selection of styles and sizes. Do not purchase your uniforms until the course coordinator tells you which style and color to obtain.After every training day, your scrubs must be washed before the next class. This is so important as the dental office is maintained as sterile as possible. This is real life training that will help you to have a fulfilling career in the Dental field.