As a student of the Modern Dental Career Center, you will be enrolled in the course of Modern Dental Assisting for 13 weeks all basic dental procedures as well as expanded duties procedures.

Class times will normally occur on Saturdays from 8:00 am – 1.00 pm. Dental office ex/internships will occur at local dental offices in the area.

Week 1. Introduction to Dental Assisting Profession. Sciences in Dentistry.  Oral Anatomy. Overview of dentition. Tooth morphology.

Lab: Alginate impressions, Pouring models.

Week 2. Oral Health and Prevention of Dental Disease.

Lab: Trimming models,

Fabricating bleaching trays, Performing caries assessment test, Performing proper brushing and flossing.

Week 3. Infection prevention in Dentistry. Occupational Health and Safety.  Principles of sterilization, Moisture control.

Lab: Infection control: Treatment room and sterilization area, Processing and packaging instruments for sterilization. Operating autoclave, Sterilization monitoring (spore test), Placing isolate, Placing rubber dams, Placing HVE, saliva ejector, Placing gauze, cotton rolls, cheek retractors.

Week 4. Assisting in a Medical Emergency. Medically compromised patient.  CPR Training. (Certificate). Anesthesia and Pain Control. Introduction to Sedation Dentistry Principles of Pharmacology.

Lab: Assisting with transferring patient from a wheelchair into a dental chair, Vital signs monitoring: blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen level (pulsometer), Assembling and Monitoring N2O, Preparing, and placing topical anesthetic, Assembling syringe for local anesthesia Passing syringe to the dentist.

Week 5. Patient Information: New patient (DISC) Dental Record, Vital Signs,  Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. Introduction to Dentrix software.

Lab: Checking blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen level. Dentrix: Creating a patient file. Entering existing conditions, treatment plans, and clinical notes in the chart. Periodontal charting.

Week 6. Foundation of clinical dentistry. Structure of dental office. Dental instruments, handpieces, and rotary instruments.

Lab: Instrument passing techniques, Using rheostat light, turning on the water for a handpiece, attaching handpiece to the unit, placing rotary instrument into a handpiece. Placing water bottle, running waterline, flushing suction lines, adjusting assistant chair, placing dental chair to supine and sub-supine position, changing a light bulb on chair light.

Week 7. Radiology (X-Ray) training (Certificate). Extra-oral and Intro-oral Imaging.

Lab: Taking FMX, PAN, and Taking intro-oral photos.

Week 8,9  Dental materials. Restorative Dentistry: Chairside assisting in Filling, Build-ups, Crown and Bridge preparation. Introduction to Cord Packing Provisional Crown, Bridge Fabrication. Introduction to Cosmetic Dentistry.

Lab: Filling set up. Crown/bridge preparation set up. Assembling, placing and removing matrix retainer and wedge for class 2 restoration, Placing and removing plastic matrix and wedge for class 3 and 4 restorations, Placing and removing the V3 matrix system for class 2 restoration, Taking preliminary impression for provisional crown. Taking bite registration, Taking full arch VPS impression, Gingival retraction cord packing. Mixing IRM. Provisional crown fabrication (posterior and anterior)

Week 10. Endodontic Procedures, Post and Core. Introduction to Periodontal Dentistry. Dental office internships week 1.

Lab: Root canal procedure set up, Assisting doctor with RCT step by step.  Assisting in a composite, crown, bridge procedure. Provisional bridge fabrication (posterior and anterior). Assisting a doctor with provisional and permanent crown cementation. The Face bow registration.

Week 11. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Assisting in Extraction and Implant Placement Procedure. Removable Prosthodontics. Conventional and Modern Denture restoration.Dental office internships week 2.

Lab: Extraction instruments set up, Passing extraction instruments. Implant placement procedure set up. Assisting in implant placement, Practice denture adjustment.

Week 12. Introduction to Pediatric Dentistry. Overview of children’s dentition.  Placing Dental Sealants. Introduction to Orthodontics. Dentistry.  Employment opportunities, Marketing yourself. Resume and preparation for Job Interview. Dental office internships week 3.

Lab: Sealant placement, Coronal polishing. Placing topical fluoride and fluoride varnish Assisting in brackets’ placement procedure. Wire, tie-ins placement

Week 13. Dental Administration and Communication Skills. Financial Management and Marketing. 

Lab: Communication and verbal skills. Answering the phone, Scheduling. Writing business letters. Explaining insurance breakdown.

Final lab Test. 

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