Getting the Job!

Employment Assistance

As part of the course curriculum, we teach and assist you in the process of seeking a job at a dental office.
  1. Prepare your resume.
  2. Post your resume and profile on a specific website(s).
  3. Look for dentists needing assistants online.
  4. Apply at dental offices close to you.
  5. Get the initial interview.
  6. If the office is interested in hiring you, you will usually…
  7. Attend a ‘working interview’, where you will work for the dentist anywhere from a few hours to several days at a nominal pay rate.
  8. If your working interview is successful, you will be called back into the office and offered a position with the dentist.
While no school/college/institution in the world can guarantee you will get a job, once you have graduated, we will still be there for you (as our availability allows) to help assess your strengths and weaknesses in future interviews.