The Working Interview

Most dental offices work under the premise of ‘A Working Interview’.

What is this?

Once you have been called in to the office for an initial interview if you are selected for possible employment, you will receive a call to come in to work for a few hours under a base pay scale, (less than the normal hire rate). This may last between 1-3 days, typically during the slowest times of the office schedule.The idea is to give you time to acquaint yourself with the office, the staff, and the customer base to see if you are a good fit for the practice.  This is where it is your time to shine!  Your initial performance and attitude will determine if you get a call back with a real job offer.

Try and try again!

If at first you do not succeed, do not be disappointed! Many new assistants may go through 2 or 3 working interviews at different dental offices until they land a job! Why?  Because of the word ‘NEW’.  Some people can get jittery, feel unsure of their place or temporary role – all kinds of reasons. After several working interviews you will become more comfortable, more confident and eventually be able to find the employment that you seek!