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Why Us?


…One of my job responsibilities is to hire new dental assistants for the office. The Dentist’s requirement for employment is a knowledgeable, well-trained assistant. Over time I learned to screen for the best candidate to fit into our dental practice.
My knowledge will help our students to achieve proper knowledge and skills and, upon graduation, conduct a proper job interview and gain employment….” Sabine.



You will always have plenty of room and individual help from your instructors!

  • Our dental assistant program based on hands-on training in an upscale dental office. Each student will be able to practice their clinical skills and the expanded duties‘ skills in a real dental environment.
  • This is a 13-week program that will take place every Saturday in a classroom/ lab/ chair-side setting!
  • Training on Saturdays will allow students to continue with their full-time job while furthering their education, and will get them started in a new career! Video lessons and textbooks will be available during the week! Shadowing and internship in a dental office will take place on certain weekdays, considering each student’s individual schedule!
  • Additionally, you will be certified in ‘CPR’ and ‘Radiology ‘ training that is required for employment in the dental office.



During our training course and externship you will be able to observe different dental procedures in the office under the supervision of a dentist and an experienced, qualified dental assistant.  This is very important in your training as it will give you direct exposure to the dental field and a ‘check-out’ of your learned skills from the school.


Graduates from our school will have following advantages while seeking employment:

1.Creating a valuable resume package to get your first job interview!

2. It will increase your abilities to qualify to get an initial ‘working interview

3. Competition with the training we offer will make you a more desirable candidate.

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