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Earn Your Certificate In Dental Assisting!

NEXT CLASS STARTS ON: January 18, 2020

ONLINE ENROLLMENT STARTS November 15, 2019 – Don’t delay, our small classes fill up fast!

Current Schedule is Here.

Interested in attending our next class or open house in Dental Assisting? Please let us know in the form below!

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Interested in attending our next class or open house? Please let us know in the form below!

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Modern Dental Career Center is a Dental Assistant Training School. We do not use live patients for the training!

If you are interested in becoming a dental patient in a training program, please contact:
Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry, 706-721-2371


Dental assistants are important members of the dental healthcare team. A career as a dental assistant can be exciting, challenging, and very rewarding. The educated dental assistant can look forward to job satisfaction, variety, and financial reward. It is a career that offers opportunities for recent high school graduates, as well as for individuals who may be older and wish to return to school and change careers.

There is a great need for caring and knowledgeable assistants! The average salary in Georgia is $17.76 PER HOUR, which is great pay for minimal education and on the job training! Most dental offices offer benefits such as HEALTH INSURANCE,  DENTAL WORK, 401K, BONUSES, PAID VACATION AND HOLIDAYS!


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Our School Purpose.

Our classes are held  at the dental facility. It gives students direct access to the real dental world and hands on training. Both of the instructors have many years of dental assisting training experience at the modern fast pace dental practices.

…One of my job responsibilities  is to hire new dental assistants for the office. The Dentist’s requirement for employment is a knowledgeable, well trained assistant. Over time I learned to screen for the best candidate to fit into our dental practice.
My knowledge will help our students to achieve proper knowledge and skills and, upon graduation, conduct a proper job interview and gain employment….” Sabine.

OUR MISSION is to train you as a fully capable and valuable staff member that is ready to work right away in a dental office that would be proud to have you as a member of the dental team!


Current Schedule is Here.

Download our Course Catalog.

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The Modern Dental Career Center is an Authorized Institution By the Georgia Non-Public Postsecondary Education Commission.

Meet your Instructors! Our funny video out-takes reel shows you just how fun your instructors can be!

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