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13 weeks program is for students who decided to pursue a dental assistant career. Students will be attending class on Saturdays from 8.00 AM to 2.00 PM. Course includes lectures, hands-on training, and home assignments. Upon graduation students will receive Dental Assistant Certificate, Radiology, and CPR Certificates. 36 hours of ex/internships must be completed at the local dental offices.


13 weeks program is for students who decided to pursue a dental assistant career. Students will be attending 3-hour online lectures through the ZOOM platform according to the school’s schedule. Students will attend 3-hour in-person hands-on training once a week. Students will complete home assignments through the online student portal. Upon graduation students will receive Dental Assistant Certificate, Radiology, and CPR Certificates. 36 hours of ex/internships must be completed at the local dental offices.

Entrance Process
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma, GED, or its equivalence. Seniors in high school with GPA that will allow them to graduate at the end of the final semester are also eligible to apply. All education documents should be in English Language. Applicant must have a valid identification document.
  • Applicant must submit $50.00 admission fee, fill out and sign the enrollment agreement, GNPEC disclosure form and provide immunization record. This immunization record is available from your doctor or the local health department and is usually required for employment in a dental office.
  • Applicant will need to supply some basic biographical information and recent employment history if any.
  • Applicant will answer some interview questions to evaluate interest and attitude, and review the information such as academics, work experiences and career goals.
  • Applicant must have access to an internet connection, computer, laptop, or internet capable cellphone to complete online training module assignments during the week.
Program Orientation

The orientation, usually, scheduled 2 weeks before class start date. At the orientation, we introduce future students to the faculty members, curriculum outline, and program requirements, issuing training materials, describing the training facility and the equipment that will be utilized, and answer any questions that applicants may have.

Course Academics and Attendance Requirements

All students are expected to attend all 13 sessions of the class to be successful with this curriculum. Missing two or more than two sessions grounds for dismissal from the school. Some exceptions will be made with valid proof of absence. Validity will be determined by the school and a notice of absence is preferred before scheduled class time student will be missing.

During the week, students will be using the online learning resource system via student portal, to complete weekly homework assignments and quizzes. Midterm and Final theoretical tests will be taken online.

Each student will be required to perform 36 hours of internship/externship training in local dental offices to complete the course in the last 4 weeks during the normal Monday through Friday work week. This is a most valuable source of training as it gives you the additional experience you need to merge to employment in a dental office.

Absences, Tardiness, Make up work, Re-entrance

Students who miss a Saturday training session due to illness or other emergency must complete online lesson, section in the textbook, home assignment and take a weekly quiz before the next session. Lab training should be completed as soon as possible by making special arrangements with the course instructor.

Due to the large amount of material covered in each session, students who miss more than two Saturday’s training sessions will not be able to catch up with the class. School attendance records will reflect absences, late arrivals, and early departures. Students who miss more than two sessions should submit a request to join the next class or apply for a refund in accordance with the refund policy.

Readmission Policy

If student is unable to complete the training program due to a valid reason, he/she may be readmitted during the next training session to continue to graduation.

Internships and Externships

During the training course we require each student to complete 36 hours of internship/externship training in a dental office. During this time, student will observe and assist as directed by an experienced dental assistant and by a dentist.

An internship is defined as training at the hosting dental office, while an externship is at a different dental office in the local area.

Depending on your learned skills and interaction with the staff, it is possible that the office may encourage you to fill out an application for employment. This is a good indication that the office may be interested in hiring you.

Graduation Requirements and Transcripts

The grading scale will be the standard A-F scale. You must complete all courses, assignments, quizzes, tests, and a laboratory work with an overall satisfactory grade (70% or higher) to graduate.
If a student scores less than 70% on any quiz or test, he/she will have an opportunity to retake it once. The original score will be replaced by the retake score. An academic transcript will be provided to the student on the day of graduation.

Employment Assistance

The Modern Dental Career Center will assist graduates in seeking employment as dental assistants, however, job placement is not guaranteed. Students will prepare resumes and cover letters as part of the course, and interview skills and salary expectations will be discussed, but ultimately it is up to each student to find a job. The Modern Dental Career Center will maintain placement files for each graduate and will provide placement rate information upon request.

Apply for admission


Tution and Fees

Application Fee: $50.00 (non-refundable) is due upon registration.

Tuition: $3750.00

Tuition includes books, Dental Assistant Certificate, Radiology and CPR certifications. Uniform should be purchased by the student according to the class dress code. Tuition and fee increases will not occur during the 13-week training period.

Payment options
  1. Full tuition payment of $3750.00 due on or prior to Orientation Day. Discount of $75.00 applies for paying full tuition with check or cash.
  2. In-house no-interest financing. Down payment: $890.00 due on or prior to Orientation Day. The remaining balance of $2860.00 is divided into 13 weekly payments of $220.00 *. First payment is due prior to the start of the First class.
Outside Financing

We use Meritize platform that offers educational financing to qualified students.

Multiple repayment options with grace period post completion:

  • Start paying after 3 months after MDCC course completion
  • Full deferment
  • Interest only payments
  • Full interest and principal payments

Meritize Score adds to traditional credit metrics, enhancing credit
( Especially important for younger borrowers with less developed credit ).

Fixed rate / variable rate available to all.

Repayment Term Lengths : 18, 36 Months.

Apply for Meritize financing: Lawrenceville location | Marietta location

* Students on our in-house payment plan who miss weekly payment will not be allowed to continue the program.


Classes times will normally take place on Saturdays from 8:00 am – 2.00 pm. Dental office ex/internships will occur at local dental offices in the area.

Week 1

Lecture: Introduction to Dental Assisting Profession. Sciences in Dentistry. Oral Anatomy. Overview of dentition. Tooth morphology.
Lab: Alginate impressions. Pouring models.

Week 2

Lecture: Oral Health and Prevention of Dental Disease.
Lab: Trimming models. Fabricating bleaching trays. Performing caries assessment test. Performing proper brushing and flossing.

Week 3

Lecture: Infection prevention in Dentistry. Occupational Health and Safety. Principles of sterilization. Moisture control.
Lab: Infection control: Treatment room and sterilization area. Processing and packaging instruments for sterilization. Operating autoclave. Sterilization monitoring (spore test). Placing isolate, rubber dam, HVE, and saliva ejector. Placing gauze, cotton rolls, and cheek retractors.

Week 4

Lecture: Patient Information: New patient (DISC description). Dental Records. Vital Signs. Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. Introduction to Dentrix software.
Lab: Checking blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen level. Dentrix: Creating a patient file. Entering existing oral conditions, treatment plan and clinical notes into the chart. Periodontal charting.

Week 5

Lecture: Assisting in a Medical Emergency. Medically compromised patient. Anesthesia and Pain Control. Introduction to Sedation Dentistry. Principles of Pharmacology.
Lab: CPR Training (Certificate). Assisting with transferring patient from wheelchair into a dental chair. Vital signs monitoring: blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen level (pulse oximeter). Preparing and placing topical anesthetic. Assembling syringe for local anesthesia. Passing syringe to the dentist.

Week 6

Lecture: Foundation of clinical dentistry. Structure of the dental office. Dental instruments, handpieces, and rotary instruments.
Lab: Instrument passing techniques. Using rheostat light, turning on water for handpiece, attaching handpiece to the unit, placing rotary instrument into a handpiece. Placing water bottle, running waterlines, flashing suction lines, adjusting assistant chair, placing dental chair in supine and sub-supine position, changing light bulb on chair light.

Week 7

Lecture: Radiology (X-Ray) training (Certificate). Extra-oral and Intro-oral Imaging.
Lab: Taking full mouth series of x-rays (FMX), panoramic x-ray (PAN), and intra-oral photos.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Week 8

Lecture: Dental materials. Introduction to Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. Classification of filling restorations. Filling procedure set up and chairside assisting in composite and amalgam filling restoration.
Lab: Filling procedure instrument set up. Assembling, placing, and removing matrix system and wedge for class 2, 3, and 4 restorations.

Week 9

Lecture: Crown and Bridge restoration. Crown and bridge procedure set up and chairside assisting step by step. Provisional crown and bridge Fabrication techniques.
Lab: Taking preliminary impression for provisional crown. Taking bite registration and opposing impression. Mixing IRM. Provisional crown fabrication (posterior and anterior).

* Dental office internship: week 1.

Week 10

Lecture: Endodontic Procedures, Post and Core. Introduction to Periodontal Dentistry.
Lab: Root canal procedure set up. Chairside assisting with RCT procedure. Chairside assisting in composite filling, crown, and bridge procedure. Provisional bridge fabrication (posterior and anterior). Chairside assisting with provisional and permanent crown cementation.

* Dental office internship: week 2.

Week 11

Lecture: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Assisting in Extraction Procedure. Removable Prosthodontics. Dentures.
Lab: Surgical and simple extraction instruments set up. Chairside assisting in surgical procedures.

* Dental office internship: week 3.

Week 12

Lecture: Introduction to Pediatric Dentistry. Overview of children dentition. Pediatric procedures and parent education. Introduction to Orthodontic Dentistry. Employment opportunities and marketing yourself.
Lab: Assisting in sealant and topical fluoride placement. Assisting in orthodontic brackets, wires, and ties placement. Building resume and preparation for Job Interview. Explore job opportunities via Dental Post.

Week 13

Lecture: Dental Administration and Communication Skills. Financial Management and Marketing.
Lab: Final hands-on test.

* During your internship(s), it is imperative that you arrive and leave on time, dressed, and groomed appropriately, show your desire to learn and help others. After each internship day, have a dental office staff member fill out a report of your experience in the office. If you find any situation uncomfortable in the office, please contact the instructors immediately.