Modern Dental Career Center
Orthodontic Dental Assisting

The 7 week course is designed for students who want to pursue an orthodontic assistant career, and will be working under the supervision of an orthodontist or general dentist . Students will learn a wide range of tasks, including preparing the treatment area, sterilizing equipment, taking radiographs and other patient records, assisting in orthodontic procedures, and educating patients on oral care.

Entrance Process
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma, GED, or its equivalence. Seniors in high school with GPA that will allow them to graduate at the end of the final semester are also eligible to apply. All education documents should be in English Language. Applicant must have a valid identification document.
  • Applicant must submit $35.00 admission fee, fill out and sign the enrollment agreement, GNPEC disclosure form and provide immunization record. This immunization record is available from your doctor or the local health department and is usually required for employment in a dental office.
  • Applicant will need to supply some basic biographical information and recent employment history if any.
  • Applicant will answer some interview questions to evaluate interest and attitude, and review the information such as academics, work experiences and career goals.
  • Applicant must have access to an internet connection, computer, laptop, or internet capable cellphone to complete online training module assignments during the week.
Course Academics and Attendance Requirements

This program is completed within 7 calendar weeks. As a student you are expected to attend all 7 sessions of the class to be successful with the curriculum. If you miss more than one session, it is grounds for dismissal from the school. Some exceptions will be made with valid proof of absence. Validity will be determined by the school and a notice of absence is necessary before the scheduled class time you will be missing.

Absences, Tardiness, Make up work, Re-entrance

Students who miss a training session due to illness or other emergency must complete online lesson, section in the textbook, home assignment and take a weekly quiz before the next session. Lab training should be completed as soon as possible by making special arrangements with the course instructor.

Readmission Policy

If student is unable to complete the training program due to a valid reason, he/she may be readmitted during the next training session to continue to graduation.

Graduation Requirements and Transcripts

The grading scale will be the standard A-F scale. You must complete all courses, assignments, quizzes, tests, and a laboratory work with an overall satisfactory grade (70% or higher) to graduate.
If a student scores less than 70% on any quiz or test, he/she will have an opportunity to retake it once. The original score will be replaced by the retake score. An academic transcript will be provided to the student on the day of graduation.

Employment Assistance

Modern Dental Career Center does not guarantee employment after graduation; however, we provide assistance with dental office externship placement, building resume and preparation for job interview. We help students to explore job opportunities via,, Facebook, and personal references.

Apply for admission


Tution and Fees

Application Fee: $35.00 (non-refundable) is due upon registration.

Tuition: $2190.00

Tuition includes books, Orthodontic Dental Assistant Certificate and Radiology certification. Uniform should be purchased by the student according to the class dress code. Tuition and fee increases will not occur during the 7-week training period.

Payment options
  1. Full tuition payment of $2190.00 due on or prior to Orientation Day. Discount of $50.00 applies for paying full tuition with check or cash.
  2. In-house no-interest financing. Down payment: $790.00 due on or prior to Orientation Day. The remaining balance of $1400.00 is divided into 7 weekly payments of $200.00 *. First payment is due prior to the start of the First class.

* Students on our in-house payment plan who miss weekly payment will not be allowed to continue the program.


Week 1

Lecture: Introduction to orthodontic specialty. Orthodontic office. Tooth anatomy and morphology. Teeth numbering systems. Overview of dentition. Tooth morphology.
Lab: PPE and OSHA compliance procedures while working in clinical area and in-house laboratory. Alginate impressions, upper and lower. Use of digital scanner. Pouring up model. Trimming models.

Week 2

Lecture: Malocclusion and dental disease. Types of malocclusions. Benefits of orthodontic treatment. Phase 1 and 2 orthodontic treatments. Radiology training (certificate).
Lab: PVS impressions, light body and heavy body. Intraoral and extraoral photography techniques. Taking radiographic images: Ceph, PAN and BWX.

Week 3

Lecture: Infection control. Orthodontic instruments and materials. Orthodontic appointments.
Lab: Infection control: Treatment room and sterilization area. Processing and packaging instruments for sterilization. Operating autoclave. Sterilization monitoring. Placing separators. Fitting molar bands.

Week 4

Lecture: Brackets placement appointment. Adjustment appointments. Appliances, instruments, and techniques.
Lab: Assisting orthodontist in bracket placement procedure. Fitting and placing arch wire. Learning to place Ligature Ties, Kobayashi hooks. Learning to assist with Piggyback, under tie, Coil, Wire bend.

Week 5

Lecture: Bracket removal and retainer placement/impressions appointment.
Lab: Assisting orthodontist in bracket removal procedure. Taking impression for retainers (alginate, PVS, digital). Pouring up impression. Assisting dentist with cementing LBR retainer. Learning to fill out laboratory RX. Removable retainer delivery.

Week 6

Lecture: Clear aligners orthodontic treatment.
Lab: Assisting orthodontist with preop and post op orthodontic records. Taking preop and post op Cephalometric x-ray. Taking preop and post op impressions or digital scan. Taking impression for retainers (alginate, PVS, digital). Pouring up impression. Assisting dentist with cementing LBR retainer. Learning to fill out laboratory RX.

Week 7

Lecture: FINAL TEST multiple choice.
Lab: FINAL TEST clinical.