Modern Dental Career Center

12 hours course is for on job trained dental assistants and dental assistants who moved to Georgia and need Georgia Radiology Certificate.

Course Academics and Attendance Requirements

The student must complete 6-hour online lecture, final test and attend 6-hour on-site training.

Readmission Policy

If a student is unable to complete the training program due to a valid reason, he/she may be readmitted during the next training session.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive State of Georgia Dental Radiology Certificate .

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Tution and Fees

Tuition: $435.00.

Tuition for the X-ray Certification course must be paid in full upon registration.


12.0 hours training course

Step 1 - 6.0 hours

Online lectures.

Step 2 - 6.0 hours

On-site hands-on training and final test.

The program includes:
  • Introduction to Dental X-rays.
  • Radiation Safety.
  • Producing Diagnostic Dental Radiograph.
  • XCP setup and X-ray Placement technique.